It is irresistibly a very challenging phase when you fail your attempt in an examination even after preparing with whole determination. But it is equally true that you learn to grow higher from your mistakes only. JEE is the dream of many students. Thousands of students step into this battleground of examination every year. Where many of them get admission on the very first attempt, the remaining have to wait for their second appearance in the exam.

But there is no need to be upset if you could not make it on the first attempt. Here is another chance of achieving your dream. We have brought the most effective and result-oriented strategies that will surely help you in cracking the JEE in your second attempt.


Even though you would have been very determined in your first attempt at JEE but there might have been some deficiencies that you overlooked. So, this is your chance of fixing those mistakes and give it another shot with full preparations. Following are the tips that you must follow if you want to crack your JEE exam this time with a marvelous rank.

Revise the Syllabus and work out your weak points–You should start by revising your syllabus topic-wise. Try to remind the topics that put you in difficulty during the exam. They are your weaker points. Once you get to know where you lack, the rest journey is smooth. Start working out those topics and get the command over them.

Integrate your older methods with a newer one and come up with innovative strategies for solving questions – If you failed by using the exam tips you already know then it means you need a renovation in your question attempting skills. Learn the new methods and strategies for attempting the question and then merge them with older skills to upgrade yourself.

Bring the variety of questions into consideration – Accept that the variety of questions you practiced before was not enough for cracking the exam. Challenge yourself to go through more and more varieties of questions with the increased difficulty level.

Do not give up and jump into the battle with more confidence – You must know that it is not the end. The difficulties and challenges are always placed in your way just to make you stronger than before. So, pull up your socks and prepare yourself for the new challenges with more confidence than ever.


So, these were the unbeatable strategies that will give you strength and help you in cracking your JEE exam on your second attempt.